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Past  Winners

2003: Mehrdad Nikfarjam

2004: Nathan Lawrentschuk (Joint)
2004: Stephen Warrillow  (Joint)

2005: Nathan Lawrentschuk

2006: Cris Cuthbertson

2007: Peter Wong (Basic Science)
2007: Laurence Weinberg (Clinical)

2008: Russell Hodgson (Basic Science)
2008: Julian Liew (Clinical)

2009: Russell Hodgson (Basic Science)
2009: Simon Chong (Clinical)

2010: Russell Hodgson (Basic Science)
2010: Vacchara Niumsawatt (Clinical)

2011: Stanley Tay

2012: Kapil Sethi

2013: Matthew Lee

2014: Lawrence Lau

2015: Dermot O’Kane

2016: Todd Manning

2017: David Liu
  Osamu Yoshino
2017 Presenter's Choice Award
  Stephen Kunz

2018: Jiasian Teh
2018 Presenter's Choice Award
  Jiasian Teh

Austin Surgery Research Prize

The Austin Surgery Research Prize was inaugurated in 2003 to foster interest in clinical and basic science research amongst trainees at all levels within the Division of Surgery and reward excellence in achievement. Stimulating intellectual curiosity amongst surgical trainees remains at the forefront of the department's agenda. The annual research prize presentations provide a vehicle to highlight the emerging talent and reward the best with a token medallion.

Participation is encouraged from all trainees within the division of surgery including general and specialty surgical trainees, anaesthesia, emergency department, ICU and radiology as well as junior doctors. It is gratifying to note that interest amongst trainees has remained high as seen by the number of high quality presentations submitted each year. The research prize is kindly sponsored by Johnson and Johnson Pty Ltd who have remained steadfast in their commitment to supporting research at the Austin.

Each year a Research prize Booklet is published containing the abstracts of all the submissions and previous winners. These are available below to be downloaded for your reading pleasure.