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Austin Surgical Training E-Zine

The first issue of this electronic quarterly magazine was published in May 2014 with the aim of supporting general surgical training by providing a medium by which changes to training requirements and regulations could be distributed. Another aim was to allow trainees posted to the far flung reaches of our training rotations to introduce themselves to their colleagues. With more than 50 accredited and non-accredited registrars such a tool was thought to be important to keep the lines of communications and develop an identity for the community of trainees. An improtant aspect is to maintain the emmory and history of those who paved the way in the past for us to tread on.

Initially conceived as an E-Newsletter due to the support from trainees and surgeons alike it was launched from the first edition as an E-Zine. Laminas now includes recurring themes of introducing new trainees, farewelling those leaving the Austin, discussion of changes to training and regulations and themed articles on the lives and experiences of our trainees and surgeons. Below you will find previous issues of Laminas for your reading pleasure.